Muscle Spasms in Legs

Treatment of Muscle Spasms In Legs

Treatment of Muscle Spasms in Legs

Muscle spasms in legs are a painful contraction of the leg muscles. They can occur at any time of day or night, but most commonly strike during a workout. They generally do not last long, however they can be severe in many cases. Muscle spasms can be caused due to excessiver exercise or staying in one position for too long, or it can also caused by an underlying medical condition. Click here to learn more about the causes of muscle spasms in legs.

Drink Water

When the body is dehydrated, the muscles are not able to function or contract properly and may leads to spasm. Experts suggests to drink water first to see if the spasm will stop. However, if water alone does not help, try a salt tablets or sports drink to help replace any electrolytes that have been lost. When exposed to hot and humid weather, take with you plenty of water and drink it before feeling thirsty.

Stretch and Apply Heat

Experts suggests that when a muscle spasm occurs, it is advisable to stop moving and gently massage and stretch the affected muscle. Hold the stretch and try to relax the disturbed muscle till the cramp stops. In case the muscle does not relaxes or loosen up, try to gently rub the affected area or apply heat. A regular daily program of stretching the muscles and warming up properly prior to exercise can certainly help to prevent future spasms.

Apply Weight and Cold Pack

When you experience muscle cramp in the leg, try to put weight on the leg slowly and gradually to see if the spasm will let up. If the pain is severe, you should apply a cold pack, as it may help numb the area and relieve the pain in order to relax the muscle.


If a person may experience muscle spasms frequently, he must consult a physician who can prescribe proper medications to deal with muscle cramp hits. If you experience severe cramps in the legs at night, your health care provider may prescribe some medicines to help. This includes muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory drugs or pain medications.